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photo BLOCKS...

The Photo Block is a contemporary alternative to a traditional photo frame, perfect for bringing your favorite photos onto your desk, into your home, or on your walls. Blocks are our most popular and cost-effective products, and loved by everyone.

High quality prints are laminated and dry mounted onto MDF wood backing. Blocks come in any size ranging from standard to contemporary multi-panels.  They are finished off with clean black edges and a drop shadow effect when hung on walls.

Photo Blocks, Large format printing, Photo Prints, Trinidad & Tobago photos

multi-panel BLOCKS...

Take any image and create a multi-panel layout that suits your style and interior.

Depending on whether you prefer a symetrical layout or an abstract design, multi-panels can be customised to a ‘one of a kind’ wall art display.

Use one image within one multi-panel layout or multiple images to create a photo collage. Either option will be a great way to use a large wall space.

Multi Panel Photo Blocks

acrylic BLOCKS...

Maximising your photo’s clarity and crispness, acrylic framing creates an overall effect that’s modern and dramatic. Archival-quality prints, are sandwiched  between 1/4” or 1/2” pieces of polished-edge acrylic.

Acrylic is colourless making it more opti-clear than glass. It is lighter in weight and has higher breakage resistance than glass.

Acrylic framing is finished off with modern aluminium  or stainless steel standoffs in each corner, thereby floating your artwork off the wall.

Acrylic frames, Gicléé Prints, Stand-offs

resin BLOCKS...

Our newest product to the collection. High-gloss epoxy resin clear coat. Will make the colours in your artwork POP!!!

Designed to enhance the image, while still being durable and strong, resin simply increases the attractiveness of whatever it’s used on.  Pour a resin coat on any piece and you will love it forever!

Resin, Resin Blocks, Resin Prints


Wall Murals, Large Format Prints, Wall Art

A Wall Mural is a stunning and artistic form of Wall Art. It is especially great for businesses that wish to create that authentic environment.  Having a life-size piece of art is not only a huge conversation piece, but it also allows your customers and guests to feel like they are being transported on a journey.

We offer large-scale, self-adhesive and personalised wall murals. A perfect solution to easily enhance any residential or commercial space through Wall Art.

Choose from thousands of stock images of natural scenic backdrops, abstract art or even have us create your very own typography to fit your home décor or your company’s theme, values and mission.

We work closely with you to customise your Wall Murals through colour tones or patterns to ensure it fits your space and taste, perfectly. From the design process to the final installation, we work together to achieve your vision.


Word Art, Text Art

glass ART

Thanks to advances in digital technology, glass can now be decorated with high-resolution artwork. Transporting your ideas and designs onto glass can be both rewarding and exciting. Glass Art can be die cut to any shape you desire. There are no limits as to what can be achieved with a little imagination. Prints are applied directly to glass windows, panels, and doors. They can be perforated which creates an effect, allowing privacy while still being visually aesthetic from the other side. The possibilities are endless with indoor and outdoor applications.


Glass Art, Etch Art, Die Cut

canvas PRINTS

Canvas Prints

Stretching Canvas is a traditional method for framing original paintings. In addition to providing this service, printing on canvas is popular for Digital Art as well.

Canvas Stretching or Gallery Wrapping are two ways to finish off your canvas framing.  Gallery Wrapping allows artwork to continually flow over the sides, while Stretching leaves a clean canvas wrap finish. Your images are printed on high quality, archival-grade canvas and stretched around handmade wooden frames. Each piece is finished with a protective clear UV-coat for extra protection. Canvas prints are a great and affordable form of Wall Art.  If you are looking to transform your photos in a stylish, artistic way; adding texture and vibrancy, then printing on canvas is just right for you.


Canvas prints


A great way to display your collection of favourite  photo memories from weddings, vacations, family shoots and events, is in the form of a Photo Collage.

We can design collages to suit your style. We can create a single collage on one Photo Block for a small gift or personal thought.

We also offer a variety of multi-panel collage templates  specifically designed to your selection of photos, your taste and your available wall space.

We work closely alongside you to ensure the perfect collage layout is developed.

Photo Collage, Multi Panel Blocks, Wedding Photos
Handmade Frames, Photo Collage


Fine Art Photography is a relatively new form of artistic expression. It is now recognised as an art form for its ability to communicate the photographer’s unique point of view and creative eye. Instead of merely capturing a realistic rendition of the subject, the photographer is aiming to produce a more personal - typically more evocative or atmospheric - impression. Each fine art photograph can then be used and manipulated into a form of abstract or digital art

photo PRINTS

We specialise in Giclée Printing for fine art digital prints.

Used by photographers and artists, Giclée printing is fade-resistant prints rich in colour, using archival inks and archival materials.

Giclée printing offers you:

• High-resolution, high contrast & true colours

• Fade-resistant (indoors) & lasts over 100 years

• High quality substrates (luster, matte, canvas papers)

custom FRAMES

We stock Roma moulding, handmade by Italian master artisans from fine quality real wood materials. Roma offers fabulous finishes, colours and industry-leading designs.  With everyday elegence and value, choose from our variety to compliment and enhance your art pieces. We offer advice to help you pick that perfect choice for your works of art or cherished memories. Trust your art to a Roma frame!

handmade FRAMES

We are forever evolving our business and products to stay ahead in the industry. Moving one step further, we have now introduced our own style of handcrafted framing. Our handmade frames are made from locally accessed products and give a more natural and organic look. Designed to compliment your interior, we use different coloured paints and textures, wood stains and resins. Our frames are simply styled to keep its natural look. Our clients can not get enough of its originality!



Our advanced photo restoration techniques and expertise allow us to return nearly any photo to liken its original condition, even those damaged by fire, light, water, mold etc. While it’s true that most of our restoration work is on photographs that have somehow been damaged over time, we can also “improve” an image, upon request. We can whiten teeth, remove a skin blemish, remove a person from a photo, or even make a black & white photo colour again!


Great pics are made, not born. There are hundreds of photo effects and filters which can be added to your photos. Changing the style of an ordinary photo can really make it the unique signature look you’ve been striving for.



Our modern and creative websites are designed and completed with professional content of your products and services, which can include:

- Professional photography

- Videography

- Droneography

- Graphics

- Animation

- 3D renders

video to DVD

Convert your VHS, Mini-DV & HI-8 tapes to DVD.

Do you have treasured tapes you want converted to DVD?

Did you know your video tapes are slowly deteriorating as you read this?

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